"If I die tomorrow, will this be it?"

A thought most of us have at some time or another, while we're in the midst of a 40+ hour work week, cubicle bound.  Or posted up on the couch, deep into a Netflix binge, just like the night before.  And the night before that.

I spent my senior year of high school dreaming of black coffee and steam swirls in the filtered morning light of an old RV somewhere in Alaska, happily penning books and waitressing on the side.  I started writing when I was in elementary school, short poems with clipped sentences, even a book about vampires that I never finished.

That's all to say one thing: no matter how far away from the person we were, some how we always circle back to ourselves.  I'm a writer, have been since I was a young-gun.  And I know there's more to life than paying bills and falling asleep hoping for better tomorrow's that never come.

So that's what this is all about.  One part insatiable desire to go out into the world and happen to things: to stay up too late, dance on moonlit beaches, swim in cold mountain lakes, downward dog into patches of wildflowers (get your mind out of the gutter), and earn laugh-wrinkles from a life well spent with good people.  

Two parts creative angst, the kind that shakes you from the inside until you let it out onto paper (or screen).  

And of course one part disdain for cubicles, florescent lights and refrigerated air (all of which make me want to smash my face on things). 

Shake well, and enjoy indulgently, with reckless abandon.  Because, really, I might just die tomorrow, and to not enjoy this life would be a damn shame.

Looking for a sass-pot writer with a snappy sense of humor, who says 'yes' to trying new things faster than is probably safe or healthy?  Look no further: CaylaVFreelance@gmail.com 


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