Cayla Vidmar


I've always been a story teller. I started with clipped poetry and a novel about vampires all before I turned 14. I've found the same joy that I revel in when I write a perfectly spun sentence, comes out when the shutter clicks and reveals the emotion and feel of a scene perfectly, in that same heart-stretching way. Which ultimately is what lead me to picking up the camera, a selfish pursuit of creative storytelling and all the expansion and elation it brings me.


I am a deeply empathetic person, and I find photography allows me to understand another's perspective all the better. When I'm trying to capture the feel of a scene or the emotion of a subject, it allows me to step into the person they are. 


A wiser person than me said you should strive to be a word writer, drilling down so intently that each word is cherry-picked (or hacked away entirely) to portray your meaning in the best way possible. Now I strive to use the camera to drill down intently into a moment, and in one frozen second in time, capturing a scene's meaning in the best way possible. Same-same.

Past Commercial Clients

Rooted Apothecary (photos & blogging)