Hi there.


messy curls & mouthy

I got my start in Internet-land as a personal growth blogger on Medium sharing my hard-won understandings about life with the world. I can be crass, I love words (including the ones I got my mouth washed with soap for using when I was young), and I’m endlessly curious about what makes people tick.

As a journalist and reporter, my stories and photos have been published in multiple print publications (here, here, here for starters).

The words I write have been hard won. They are born from difficult lessons, a critical awareness of self, and failing, over and over again.

The stories I share with my readers are raw and real. They are from my personal experience, or from those whom I interview. I’m not here to sugar coat or pretend I’m not human—these hard lessons were learned through the very act of screwing up, repeatedly.

The reason I write, is the reason I live: to help make people feel a little less alone in the world.