Hi there.

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messy curls & mouthy

I got my start in Internet-land as a personal growth blogger on Medium sharing my hard-won understandings about life with the world. I can be crass, I love words (including the ones I got my mouth washed with soap for using when I was young), and I’m endlessly curious about what makes people tick.

As a journalist and reporter, my stories and photos have been published in multiple print publications (here, here, here for starters), and it’s this work that inspired my branding photography and storytelling.

I’ve been telling brand and business stories visually and with words since 2015, and have worked with myriad brands including Rooted Apothecary, Monica Mesa Dasi, Synergy Athlete, CB SUP, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Midnight Gallery, and more.

I love documenting people’s work and lives, the things that light them up. And equally, I love telling other people’s stories. I have a knack for teasing out the emotional thread that pulls through every persons life journey, writing about it and sharing it via photos is a work of love.

Above all my belief is simple: customers fall in love with PEOPLE, not businesses.

And it’s my business to create an emotional thread between you and your customers so you can keep doing the work that lights you up (the world needs more of that, remember?).