I believe in:

Golden hour ❤️ sunrises > sunsets ❤️ 5am alarms ❤️ COFFEE ❤️ conversations that make me ponder myself/beliefs/actions (the big WHY) ❤️ making women feel at home in their bodies in front of the camera (it usually takes a few photos, but I love the moment when it clicks and suddenly the one in front of the lens understands she’s safe to be her beautifully, imperfectly, lovable flawed self, and she’s still worthy in all her flaws) ❤️ vulnerability is the ultimate personal growth tool, and the camera is one of the best ways to get vulnerable ❤️ sparkly water ❤️ sobriety > hangovers ❤️ I am the key, and I am the cage ❤️that writing is the way to heal (myself and others)

But above all, I believe in making people feel seen, in making them feel safe, in making them feel like they are worthy in front of the camera, and ultimately, in life.

That is the philosophy I use going into photography sessions, because getting your photos taken can be incredibly triggering, but it can also be one of the most powerful ways of capturing someone being courageous, and standing in their strength.

I’m not just point and shoot here, baby. I’m a lets-get-real, let’s-get-raw, let’s-create-magic and become better people along the way.

It’s a simple thing, taking a photo, but the results can be a shift in your reality.

I’m also in this world to dig into the mess of being a human in this tour of the Universe. Many of my original articles appeared on Medium, where I gained a quick following with my down-to-earth, gritty and raw pieces about my life and the lessons I’ve gleaned from digging into the mess.

Turns out honesty resonates with folks. Go figure.

I’m using this space to incorporate more photography into my life. I hope you enjoy!

❤️ Cayla