I help women get into deep alignment with their body, mind & spirit so they can live their life authentically.

For most of my life I lived completely disconnected from myself. The symptoms of my disconnection manifested in a decades long battle with an eating disorder, intense anxiety, and a lack of purpose, meaning and fulfillment in my career and life. 

How could I heal myself, and put my life on track to be the best it could be when I my body, mind and spirit were severely out of alignment? When I didn't really know who I was and how to live authentically?

It was through much trial and error, grit and grace, that I arrived to where I am now. I am fearlessly seizing my life with the confidence and deep knowledge that only comes when you know yourself fully.

I left the career that made my days feel like loathing.

I unhinged myself from my eating disorder.

Anxiety is something I used to suffer with.

Getting realigned with your deepest self will uncover your truth and allow you to live from a place of authenticity.

We'll work together to connect to your truest self, your sacred feminine, and how you want to express that to the world. In your relationships, your career, your creativity, and anywhere else you want to live as your most authentic self.

3 Month Realignment intensive

  • 1, 1 hour realignment meeting per week via video, phone or in-person meeting (when I'm in Denver, CO) to discuss current goals and blocks, where you're feeling most out of alignment and how to plug back in
  • 1 weekly follow up email with relevant assigned reading, Practical Prophecies, and highlights from phone call and how to work towards goals
  • Intro to cycle tracking and journaling, and assistance as you come to learn and understand your monthly cycle and how it can be used as your secret weapon
  • Full access to a dropbox full of goodies
  • Audio recording of each video meeting for you to reference

What's required of you

  • A commitment to a deep personal dive into yourself, your growth and your realignment
  • Time allotment for homework, required reading and active participation in your growth (the grass is green where you water it, and all that)
  • Monthly cycle tracking and journaling

if you're ready to do the work to achieve deep alignment in your life, fill out the form below to apply for my *limited* 2018 cycle.

Once you apply, I'll get in touch to schedule a FREE 15 minute intro call to make sure its a good fit.


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DISCLAIMER: The purpose of my work is to assist people in making changes in their lives and offer my support. I do this by offering mentorships, sessions, information, and advice as a personal life coach and accountability partner. The advice and information I offer on this website is based exclusively on my life experience. I make no guarantee regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in my work. I am not a medical or health practitioner. I do not conduct any medical or psychotherapeutic work or diagnoses, rather I offer my clients knowledge from my own life experiences to aid them in their self-alignment and empowerment.