Cayla Vidmar

Helping Creative Women get back into Alignment with Themselves

I'm Cayla Vidmar, which basically means:

  • I believe empathy can save the world, we just have to belong to and be aligned with ourselves first.

  • I'm a questioning believer in the "big-energy", the "Universe", the "all encompassing Light", (insert your fave name here).

  • I'm chasing the Light in the Universe, in myself, and in other people with my words and my camera.

  • I would walk uphill, both ways, in 80% humidity for tacos. I've done it before, I'll do it again.

Creative Realignment

Creative Realignment is for my entrepreneurs, freelancers and solo-preneurs who believe in the synchronicity of the Universe and in podcasts, sales-funnels and creative innovation.

It’s for my women who feel the disconnection from her sacred feminine, and are craving a new way to understand and approach life, love and happiness through the frame of femininity.

It’s for those people who struggle with the black-and-white, hustle-oriented, linear way of living in the digital age, and are seeking a way of understanding the messy, cyclical, and colorful ways of life.

Even the most ambitious people fail when they're out of alignment with themselves. The best tool I've created to get into alignment with your most authentic self is my Feel > Do > Be writing exercise. Without it, I'd still be stuck grinding my way through life, fighting at every turn. Listen to the 10 minute writing exercise for FREE  (because I love you).

If you're ready to dive deep into your own alignment, signup for my 3 month Realignment Intensive here!


My work: