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The Lie: Alcohol makes your life better

Through marketing, the alcohol industry has lead you to believe alcohol makes you more fun, more attractive, proves your success, and makes you more creative.

Alcohol doesn't do anything for you, and you're most likely using it to buffer yourself against tough emotions.

Everything you want is on the other side of buffering with alcohol—it's time you had a healthy relationship with booze.


Food is nourishment, it's not a replacement for feeling your emotions

Food is not the enemy. It's not a comfort that should be used to numb your emotions.

Food is a beautiful part of being human, and you deserve to enjoy it to the full extent—not loathe it because you can't stop eating junk.

Your wild dream is on the other side of buffering with food.


Your wild dream requires you to be a new person, are you ready?

I believe you are capable of living your wild dream, and I can help you get there.

  • I'll help you stop buffering with food and booze, and stop the shame and guilt

  • I'll help you change your thoughts so you will actually allow yourself to live your wild dream

  • I'll help you overcome the blocks that are keeping you stuck, wallowing in your pain, and in the life you want to change


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What I do

Every next level of your life will demand a different you
— Leonardo DiCaprio

A Story Less Traveled™ Podcast (Coming soon!)

This is a podcast about gut instincts, about speaking your truth, and living boldly, shamelessly. It’s about the stories of lady photographers, writers, travelers and wilder women, living their wild dream and what it took to get there. It’s about the ways myself, and these other women have made it to where they are today, the things they’ve overcome and the personal growth they’ve moved through to achieve their wild dream.

A Story Less Traveled: Live Your Wild Dream™

Live Your Wild Dream Coaching™

For women who are ready to stop buffering their emotions, make massive change to their thoughts and mindset, and finally (finally) start living their wild dream. 

  • Define the root cause of what's keeping your from launching, from living more creatively, from pursuing your wild dream.

  • Use the same tools that changed my life to change your internal world and dialogue, (the ONLY way to make your wild dream a reality)

  • Invest in yourself, in your wild dream, and finally have the loving accountability you need to keep you on the path of achieving your goals.

It starts with a free 30 minute Digital 'Coffee Date' to see if we're a good fit.

I am currently not taking any new clients at this time

My Work

Sharing pieces of my journey shamelessly so you feel less alone on yours.

Medium for articles, click here for full list of published work 

Instagram for photos and snippets of daily life lessons and personal stories

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Feel > Do > Be audio workshop

I've created the best strategy to plug into how you want your life to feel so you can get the life you want without wasting precious time.


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