Natalie & Kevin Celebrate a Decade

Natalie & Kevin Celebrate a Decade

Natalie was applying my fake eyelashes for my totally non-traditional, Colorado backcountry, snowmobiling adventure wedding, when she began sharing her life story.

She was all “I used to be in a band…” and I basically fell in love with her (#FanGirl).

Natalie was so cool, and nonchalant, and beautiful, and funny, and basically all the things you want in friend.

So when Natalie asked me to take photos of her 10 year wedding anniversary with her sweet husband, Kevin, I was thrilled.

Their backyard was turned into a celebration, and Natalie was to die for in a beautiful cream embroidered dress. It was mid-summer, and Colorado weather was abnormally rainy, but it made for incredible photos of cute kids with umbrellas. The light was soft and made everyone’s beautiful eyes pop (if you’re a photographer, you know whats up with that soft light, mmhmm!).

The couple shared tender stories of their lives together, and it was such a blessing to see two people still so in love after 10 years of marriage. Thank you Natalie and Kevin for having me!

Happen-chance, Skinny Dipping + Spontaneity

Happen-chance, Skinny Dipping + Spontaneity