Hello, Darling. I’m a portrait photographer in Colorado

Is it me you’re looking for? (Just kidding, but seriously)

I believe in making people feel seen, in making them feel safe, in making them feel like they are worthy in front of the camera, and ultimately, in life.

I’m not just point and shoot here, baby. I’m a lets get real, let’s create magic and have a friggin-blast along the way. Mmkay? Mmkay.

Ready to book? Shoot me an email at Cayla@CaylaVidmar.com to inquire.


Wedding | Engagement | Elopement

I’m all about unique, adventurous, fun-loving couples, that aren’t looking for average, or to lose themselves in insanity of a traditional wedding. I got married on snowmobiles in the backcountry, you feel me?

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Portrait | Lifestyle

Every woman deserves a power portrait. A snapshot in her life of when she felt most empowered, most authentic and at home in her body. These sessions are part mini-coaching session, part documentation of you standing in your power.


Commercial | Brand Partnerships

I believe in working with brands that have heart, voice, and a conscious awareness of how their product affects the planet, and people. I love the movers, shakers, and rebels. I am an outdoor adventurer, a self-care master, and my audience appreciates things that help them live more authentic, aligned lives.